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Different methods are required for various articles: 1. Electrical appliances, piano, ceramics, handicrafts and other heavy or valuable items shall be packed in wooden crates and filled with fillers to prevent extrusion damage. 2. Daily necessities, books and other lighter articles are usually packed in cartons. 3. If there are ultra long and ultra large packages, the exact length, width, height and weight of a single package must be provided when booking. The following work shall be done during packing: (1) Make shipping labels in English. (2) Make a detailed packing list of all items in the box according to the sequence number, with the name and number of items (3) Record the length, width and height of each box to facilitate the calculation of volume as the basis for payment, and finally subject to the measurement certificate of warehouse

For the import and export of used household goods and personal effects, the Chinese customs shall require the original documents for customs declaration or customs clearance. For those holding a work visa or residence visa, the validity period must not be less than 365 days. Inbound resident passengers carrying inbound articles for personal use exceeding RMB5,000, which are really for personal use after verification by the customs; If an inbound non resident passenger carries inbound articles for personal use intended to remain in China, if the amount exceeds 2000 yuan, the customs will only tax the excess part of the inbound articles for personal use, and fully tax the indivisible single articles.
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