How Door to Door Moving Works
After a moving plan is finalized, Quick's relocation consultant will properly arrange land transport, sea freight or air freight according to your schedule and specific needs
4. Tranportation Arrangement
2. Contract Confirmation

After confirming the quotation and having the contract signed. Quick draw up a tailor-make schedule and arrange delivery of packing materials in advance, so that you can start preparation prior to pickup

1. Residential Survey
Quick's relocation consultant provides free residential survey to evaluate your goods volume and understand specific relocation needs
3. Professional Packing
Quick's professionally trained packing team ensures the safety of your belongings during transportation in strict accordance with international standards.
Your goods will be delivered home by Quick's professional team, with complete unpacking service, furniture installation, and removal of used packing materials

5. Home Delivery
6. After-Sale Service
After relocation is completed, Quick continues to provide a series of after-sales services, including furniture location adjustment, insurance claim assistance etc.
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